Alex's Journey

When I was 11 I found out I had S-formed scoliosis, which at that time wasn't at more than 20 degrees, but with time it got worse, I wore a boston corset at 13 but it didn't help at all, I still progressed and October 2013 I finally went through spinal fusion in hope for a better life, with less pain. At that time my two curves were both about 55 degrees.

The surgery was more than successful and they fused T4-L2. 

Before my surgery I was already a fitness freak, I did pilates, weights, went running...but it wasn't until about 5 months post op that I slowly (since I was still healing) started with yoga and I have to say, it changed my life forever.

There is a lot of accepting yourself in yoga and listen to your body, but also it helps so much to gain flexibility and strength in parts of your body that are not fused so with time you learn to move just as smooth as before, if not smoother. I am now 25, it's been less than two years since my surgery and I've never felt better. 

I am hoping to start a blog about my journey one day, until then you can find me as @aly_yoga on instagram where you are more than welcome to contact me.

Lots of hugs to our titanium-community :)