Julie talks to other fused yoga teachers Ellen Kiley and Jen Krakowsky on the path to teaching and our own discoveries! Also find our podcast station on Podbean at Forever Fused. 

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Upon first thought, yoga brings up images of twisty, bendy, highly flexible women contorting themselves into unusual poses. Actually there is much more to it than first impression. Yoga and movement education is one of my passions. I've been practicing yoga for 15 years with a spinal fusion from T3-L3 for childhood scoliosis, and now teach others how to do the same. I'm here to tell you that you CAN have a mindful, effective, and healing MODIFIED yoga practice after spinal surgery.  

The breath and body/mind focus through yoga is incredibly healing. We are taught to reconnect with our bodies in loving, nurturing ways. Creating space and expansion in a body that has been surgically fused is deeply nourishing.

My first teacher, greatest early influence, and fellow spine fusion friend, Ellen Kiley and I did an interview together about yoga post fusion which you can view HERE. 

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